Convert text/gemini to text/html
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There are currently three core components to gmi-web.

  • html.js gmi-to-html implementation
  • gmi.css and gmi-web.css stylesheets consumed by css.js
  • gmi-web(1) as defined by cli.js

You will need node(1) and scdoc(1) to run cli.js and build the gmi-web.1.scd man page. npm link will install gmi-web(1) from the source allowing you to make modifications locally and test them immediately.

git clone
cd gmi-web
npm link

Use npm run test to compare your changes to the latest snapshots and when you are ready npm run test:update to save the current snapshots. npm run test:watch will auto-run the tests interactively to streamline this process.

Patches and issues can be submitted to or expressed through the channels available on Codeberg.